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Shearly Taylored

CALA Wet-n-Dry Detangling Hair Brush

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Your hair's best friend! CALA Wet-N-Dry hairbrush is ideal for all hair types, wet or dry. This brush adds shine and smooths hair while gently massaging and stimulating the scalp. Soft, flexible bristles are great for detangling hair with less snagging and breakage. The oval shape and soft, polymer handle make the brush easy to hold, allowing effortless styling. Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily, Extensions, Wigs Hair Texture: Light, Medium, Thick Hair Concerns: Frizz, Shine, Straightening, and Smoothing Key Features: Conditions and adds shine by evenly distributing natural oils throughout the hair Helps promote healthy hair by massaging the scalp and stimulating hair follicles Helps to detangle hair while minimizing breakage How To Use: Use on dry or wet hair. Brush through the hair in long strokes from roots to ends.